Caltas Fuel Tank Driver Among World’s Best

Caltas fuel tank driver, Kerri Connors, has demonstrated her world-class driving skills after coming third in an international competition for fuel efficient motoring in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kerri was elevated to the world stage after winning the national Volvo Driver’s Fuel Challenge in July.

“I was so proud to represent not just Australia, but also Tasmania,” said the Quoiba based Caltas driver.

Kerri has been driving heavy vehicles for 15 years and has been driving fuel tankers for Caltas for the last nine years.  Her award-winning performance attracted much deserved recognition across the state and within the transport community, including in Tasmanian media (pictured).

Helene Mellquist, Senior Vice President of Volvo Trucks International said the competition highlighted the role of fuel efficient driving to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

“The performances we have seen during this year’s Fuelwatch Challenge have reaffirmed our conviction that the role of a skillful driver is pivotal to better profitability for businesses and reduced impact on the environment,” she said.

Congratulations Kerri!